Douglas R. Kuiken: Honoring history and looking toward the future


Douglas R. Kuiken

Douglas R. Kuiken

Douglas R. Kuiken views his continued support of Christian Health Care Center (CHCC) as testament to a rich history and a promise for a bright future. His family business – Kuiken
Bros. Co. Inc. – and the Center have both been part of the community’s fabric for more than a century. As the family business grew, the Kuikens recognized the importance of each organization’s role in responding to community needs and growth opportunities. As the years passed, several immediate family members received care or became residents at CHCC.

“The family has been more focused on supporting the Center over the last 10 years,” says Mr. Kuiken, now President of Kuiken Bros. Co. “The second generation of Kuikens, which we rightfully refer to as our ‘greatest generation,’ having served their country during World War II, have all passed on, with three out of the four having been cared for at CHCC. The loving and professional care they received made us more acutely aware of what CHCC has to offer and what it means for seniors and the ills and frailties that come in conjunction with the aging process.”

The Center’s growth in stature over the decades and the levels of care now provided have also been a driving factor in the Kuikens’ support of CHCC. This continued expansion, of which Kuiken Bros. Co. has been a part of, ensures that future generations will have access to essential programs, services, and residences.

“Christian Health Care Center is a very loving, caring, well-maintained, and well-run facility,” he says. “I think highly of Doug Struyk, CHCC’s President and CEO, and his ability to manage the institution. I know some people who served on the CHCC Board of Trustees and the Foundation Board of Trustees. I respect each and every one of them.”

In 2014, the Center presented The David F. Bolger Award for Service and Leadership to Kuiken Bros. Co. and to Garret and Raeann Dykhouse.

“We were humbled to be honored along with Garry and Raeann,” Mr. Kuiken says. “They are highly dedicated and motivated to serve CHCC. They give their body and soul to the Center.”

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