Tribute in Lights is our annual tradition that invites the community to honor and memorialize family, friends, and special occasions. Our Wayne and Wyckoff campuses were beautifully illuminated during the 2017 holiday season – we hope you had the opportunity to see the lights.

It is a privilege to pay tribute to our donor’s loved ones, friends and occasions. Thank you to all who participated in our 2017 Tribute in Lights. We are so grateful for these meaningful gifts which enable us to continue our mission of health, healing, and wellness for people of all ages.

Tribute in Lights Honors

The names of those honored are bold. The donor(s) is listed below.

Richard H. Besser
Janet Besser

Christian Health Care Center
Regina A. Aber
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Alter
Ruth and Sarkis Bedevian
Maria Burgaleta
Robert B. Craig
Mr. and Mrs. James D. De Ritter
Drew Felldin
Heritage Holiday Lighting
Lorna G. Kaufman
Paul T. Klump
Barbara A. Liptak
Senator and Mrs. Henry P. McNamara
Al Meinhardt
Stephen and Elizabeth Mihok
Kleon Phili
Mark and Pamela Reitsma
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Schmidt
Mary Schulmeister
Goemarus A. Stam
G.W. Stelzenmueller
Betty Vander Plaat
Yoshiko Watanabe
Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Worthington

Christian Health Care Adult Day Services of Wayne
Aimee E. Restifo

Christian Health Care Center
Finance Department
Kevin A. Stagg

Christian Health Care Center
Health Information Management Department
Kevin A. Stagg

Christian Health Care Center
Information Services Department
Kevin A. Stagg

Christian Health Care Center
Marketing and Foundation Departments
Julie K. Lee

Christian Health Care Center
Materials Management
Kevin A. Stagg

Christian Health Care Center
Service Excellence/Patient‑resident Experience Department
Cathy Pilone

Tricia De Vries
10th anniversary of service at Christian Health Care Center
Ralph and Dot Faasse

Dot Faasse
Retirement from Christian Health Care Center
Melanie Anthony

Beatrice Fink
Michael and Nancy Magenheim

Hilda Garcia
J. Garcia
Raquel Garcia‑Becker

Sarah Lester Lappe
Stephen Lappe and Joanna Lenox

Tribute in Lights Memorials

The names of those memorialized are bold. The donor(s) is listed below.

Peter and Rena Alberda
Douglas and Vicky Struyk

Hank Amels
Reynold and Muriel Amels

Vivian Rassiga Anderson
William Tripp and Nancy Rassiga-Tripp

Lorraine Anthony
Melanie Anthony

Alice Baker
Ralph and Dot Faasse

Beryl Balderose
Christine Balderose-Fellner

Judith Barbarito
Edward Barbarito

Mr. and Mrs. Warren E. Beck
Warren A. Beck

Joanna S. Berkhout
Douglas and Vicky Struyk

Bastian and Jeanette Beversluis
Marilyn and Joseph De Luccia

Marty Boyd
Robin G. Boyd
Paul and Karen Van Ostenbridge

Donald E. Brooks
Gina Brooks

Doris Brooks
Sharon A. Woods

Winifred Buis
Carol Ann Buis

Theresa Bushman
Mary Zuidema Faber

Rosaria “Nana” Cardillo
Jennifer D’Angelo

Michael Damian Carney
Barbara Carney

Emily Chiddo
Mr. and Mrs. B. Della Cerra

Evelyn Cohen
Michael and Nancy Magenheim

Richard Colton
Marilyn M. Colton

Owen and Dora Courts
Robert C. DeBruin

Anna Dalo
Edward and Grace Younghans

Florence M. Danzi
Mary Ellen Nicosia

John and Gladys De Preker
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Patrizio

Madeline DeLooper
Marian Latz

Helen DeSanctis
Dr. Michael V. DeSanctis

Arthur Dinager
Erika Dinager

Deborah A. Donkersloot
Walter Donkersloot Jr.

Garret J. Dykhouse
Darcy and Russell Bickert

Geraldine and Jacob Egedy
Florence A. Chandler

Jack E. Faber
Shirley M. Faber

James Farrell
Rose and Gary Dworkowitz
Michael and Nancy Magenheim

Vivian C. Felice
Nicholas R. Felice

Peder Flatekval
Sharon and Steven Flatekval

Donald E. Fritzsch
Harriet Fritzsch

Joel Furman
Sara Furman Cilderman

Josephine Fusco
Mary F. C. Lockhart

Gene Gallo
Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Mani III

Anthony J. Gennarelli
Gennarelli/Porporino families

Nancy L. Gunn
Pamela Tilli

Dorothy Hazen
Fred and Debbie Provencher

Marie Holland
James T. Geffert

Hettie James
Dorothy L. Johnson

Hilda Jansen
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fett

Jennifer Jansen
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fett

Jack and Marilyn Jencsik
Paul and Karen Van Ostenbridge

Master Sgt. Paul Karpowich
Mary Karpowich

David R. Kee

Victor P. Kee

Alice Kneringer
The Kneringer Family

Clix Knyfd
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Wynbeek

Lydia Kober
Annelie Foster

Edward J. Kohere
Wilma D. Kohere

David Krentel
Darcy and Russell Bickert
Mellanie and David Chen
Douglas Dittrick and Gina Boesch

Richard R. Kuiken
Joan C. Kuiken

Harold C. Kuipers
Tom and Sue De Block

Joan and Roman Kysilewskyj
Lisa Lovermi and Ruth Fiorino

Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Lennon
Robert M. Lennon

Pam and Lynn LeRoy
Darcy and Russell Bickert

Catherine S. Maltezos
Tom and Louise Lewis

Robert L. and Norma Marcalus
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Di Marco

Maureen Maynard
Don and Roberta Keeley

Ruth McGrievy
Douglas and Vicky Struyk

Ida Meyers
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Tanucilli

Milivoje Milic
Tom and Sue De Block

Mae Moezelaar
Ralph and Dot Faasse

Bartolo Mongiello
Bart Mongiello Jr.

Isabelle Monk
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sevean

Elisabeth S. Mowerson
Michael and Nancy Magenheim

Frederick and Elsie Moxon
Douglas and Vicky Struyk

Frank Nead
Norbel and Tom

Ruth and William Neureiter
Dolores R. Neureiter

Arthur and Minnie Nykamp
Douglas and Vicky Struyk

Mary O’Dowd
Cynthia and Thomas M. Piano

Ruth Oliver
William J. Oliver

Cheryl Ormezzano
Mary F. C. Lockhart

Charles J. Pace
Anne T. Pace

Marion Parnow
Marilyn and Wayne Alvine

Arthur R. Reuter
Walter H. Harding

Edward R. Reuter
Walter H. Harding

Hortense Roemer
Lawrence and Sue Jacobs

Nellie Rozell
Mr. and Mrs. B. Della Cerra

Jeanne Susan Schaffer
John P. Schaffer

Bea and Vito (Charlie) Scimeca
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Esposito

Lydia Smith
Carol and Gerard Hufnagel

Agnes and Jake Soodsma
Tom Soodsma

Arthur and Marilyn Stagg
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin A. Stagg

Adrian and Jeanette Struyk
Douglas and Vicky Struyk

Henriette G. Struyk
Dr. Bea Card Kettlewood
Douglas and Vicky Struyk

Michael Turchiano
Matt, Denise, and Alexa Roach

Jane Van Hoff
Douglas and Vicky Struyk

Andrew Van Kouteren
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fett

Mr. and Mrs. B. Van Kouteren
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fett

Mary Van Kouteren
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fett

Sandra Van Kouteren
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fett

Audrey Van Ostenbridge
Paul and Karen Van Ostenbridge

Jim and Grace Van Wieren
Anthony and Diane Monterisi
Rich Schwenn

Peter and Cornelia Verblaauw
Henrietta Verblaauw

Frank Vernon
James T. Geffert

Connie Walton
Robert and Sharon Walton

Meridyth S. Winter
Susan H. Winter

Robert A. Winter
Susan H. Winter

Kenneth and Harriet Winters
Laura and Matt Moore (and Ginger)

George and Emma Witten
Michael and Virginia Zimmer

Jean J. Woods
Sharon A. Woods

Ruth Baker Wynbeek
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Wynbeek

Olga Zak
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Fela Jr.

Elsie Zuidema
Doris J. Zuidema

William Zuidema, Jr.
Mary Zuidema Faber

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