Short-Term Rehab


Your health, your choice: The road to short-term rehab begins with confidence

“Short-term rehab at Christian Health Care Center (CHCC) builds your confidence, and confidence is one of the most important components

Six great reasons to stay in motion

When you’re leaning toward skipping crossfit in favor of a few extra winks, remember Newton’s law: A body in motion

Easy Steps to Prevent Falls

Tripping on a rug or slipping on a wet floor can have catastrophic results, particularly for seniors. Among individuals 65

Physiatry: Caring for Body, Mind, and Spirit

Physiatrist Allen Khademi, MD, is the Vice President of Medical Affairs at CHCC. He has a wealth of knowledge and

Short-term rehab: Which facility is right for you?

Your knee replacement was a success, you’re ready to be discharged from the hospital, and next you’ll need short-term rehab.

CHCC’s Short-term Rehab Has BIG News for Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease

Christian Health Care Center’s (CHCC) short-term rehab program recently announced BIG news for individuals living with Parkinson’s disease. LSVT BIG,

Short-term Rehab Yields Multiple Benefits

Diane Cioffi’s road to outpatient short-term rehab began with a shoe. “I bent down to tie a shoe,” Mrs. Cioffi says,

A Valuable First-hand Experience

When Carol O’Neill, RN, required short-term rehab following hip surgery, the Mahwah resident took a bit of her own advice.

Cooking in Post-acute Rehab!

She reaches for the cooking oil on the top shelf of the pantry to make a breakfast omelet; she bends

It Started with a Wave-Friendships Grow on The David F. Bolger Post-acute Care Unit

It all started with a simple wave. A little over 1 ½ years ago, the husbands of Alexandra Spizziri and