Exercise & Nutrition


Six great reasons to stay in motion

When you’re leaning toward skipping crossfit in favor of a few extra winks, remember Newton’s law: A body in motion

Food safety is on the menu  

Tis the season for feasting! With a little nutrition know-how and kitchen common sense, you can prevent your festive meals

Immune-boosting diet keeps your body in fighting form

Next time you’re standing in a socially distant line at the grocery store, pay special attention to the magazine rack.

Meals matter at CHCC

  In the short-term rehab inpatient unit at Christian Health Care Center (CHCC), patients are going back in time with

You can put the healthy in holidays!

Ample gatherings of family, friends, and food? It must be the holidays! You can enjoy festivities without impacting your health

Myths and realities of winter

Myth: Wear a hat. You lose most of your body heat through your head. Reality: Do keep your head covered.

Too Tired to Exercise? We can Help!

Too tired to exercise? Simple changes to your daily routine can save you valuable energy to allow you to participate

Nutrition Notes

As you age, your nutrition becomes increasingly important for your health and well-being. Check out these quick notes and some

Food for Thought-Nutrition and Mental Health

Food for thought? It turns out, this saying holds a lot more truth than you realize since proper nutrition plays

Medical Minute-The Importance of Nutrition

No matter what age you are, proper nutrition is essential to maintain your health and wellness. This brief Q&A Session