Christian Health Care Center (CHCC) is grateful to be the beneficiary of three energy-efficient grant funded projects by PSE&G over the past couple of years. Today, as we celebrate Earth Day, we remain steadfast in our commitment to serve our community throughout this global health crisis, while continuing our sustainability efforts.

As the largest organization in Wyckoff spanning 78 acres, CHCC is committed to implementing innovative projects to increase energy efficiency while maintaining our 100+-year-old campus and buildings dating back to 1911. These projects across our Wyckoff campus, as well as our Wayne campuses, have significantly impacted our energy-efficiency and have generated significant annual cost savings. This ongoing collaboration with PSE&G allows us to fulfill our responsibility to the community as sustainable businesses in Wyckoff and Wayne, and make sure our energy use is as efficient as possible.

PSE&G Hospital-efficiency Program on CHCC’s Wyckoff Campus

This project impacted Heritage Manor Nursing Home, Southgate Special-care Nursing Home, Ramapo Ridge Psychiatric Hospital, and many supporting clinical and administrative areas within those health-care facilities. Equipment replacements included heat pumps, HVAC roof-top units, and variable frequency drives for chilled- and hot-water pumps, along with many other HVAC upgrades and LED-lighting replacements. Approximately 325 mechanical and 4,000 electrical devices were changed. The new equipment is now operational, online, and generating annual savings.

PSE&G Multi-family Efficiency Program in Siena Village

This project impacted Siena Village, a 250-unit community in Wayne that provides market-rate and affordable housing for older adults. PSE&G approved a grant for replacement of low-efficiency equipment including water heaters, pumps, light fixtures/equipment, water-flow devices, and other mechanical/electrical upgrades. The scope of the energy-efficiency upgrades included approximately 2,400 electrical devices, 1,000 minor mechanical devices, and 50 major mechanical devices. The new equipment is now operational, online, and generating annual savings.

PSE&G Hospital-efficiency Program on CHCC’s Wyckoff Campus – Part 2

The combined cooling and heating plant (CHP) energy-efficient work consisted of a 110-ton chiller, 2,000 MBTU boiler, and a heat-recovery unit for reclaiming hot air expelled from our microturbines’ exhaust. In addition, an upgraded and robust building-management system (BMS)/controls package was implemented with the new equipment. The new CHP is now operational, online, and generating projected great savings.

As we celebrate Earth Day and continue the fight against COVID-19, CHCC remains committed to engaging in new methods to reduce energy use across all buildings, both old and new. We look forward to continuing to work toward more sustainable practices and are grateful for the support of PSE&G, which enables us to provide these efficiencies for our residents, patients, clients, consumers, and the community that we serve.