9/11 Announcement

At the request of President Trump and the US Congress, Christian Health Care Center lowers the US flags on its

CHCC helps young professionals grow in Undergraduate Summer Internship Program

Christian Health Care Center (CHCC) is committed to developing the next generation of professionals who want to make a difference

Depression In Older Adulthood

There are common misconceptions about depression in older adulthood. Depression in older adults often goes untreated because some people identify 

Christian Health Care Center #MyCHCCStory Series

Caregivers are often faced with the difficult task of finding memory-care services for loved ones. Christian Health Care Center recently

Christian Health Care Center Honors The DeYoung Family

Christian Health Care Center (CHCC) recognized the DeYoung family on June 4, 2018, with the naming of the DeYoung Auditorium.

Proper Mental-Health Care Can Prevent Tragedies

Recent reports and news coverage of school shootings, celebrity suicides, and other famous people sharing their diagnoses or struggles with

Monica Lyzzette: A Personal Journey to Mental Well-being

What led you to seeking treatment at Christian Health Care Counseling Center? “At first, I didn’t realize that I even


Recent disasters like Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the tragic shooting at the Las Vegas country-music festival, and personal traumatic events

Remembering 9/11

At the request of President Trump, Christian Health Care Center lowers the flags on its campuses in Wayne and Wyckoff

Brain Fitness

Alzheimer’s Dementia affects nearly 5 million people in the United States.  One in three deaths of seniors are associated with