Surprise Engagement at Christian Health Care Center

A recent marriage proposal at Christian Health Care Center (CHCC) left both the bride-to-be and her grandmother surprised. Narissa Knoble, the granddaughter of CHCC resident Faith Vasios, came to CHCC for a window visit with her grandmother as she had throughout the pandemic. Accompanied by her mother, Barbara Knoble, and then boyfriend, Cory Crawford, she had planned to present her grandmother with a gift and spend some time chatting. As their visit concluded, Cory dropped to one knee and asked Narissa to marry him. The special moment was a great example of how families continue to stay connected and make memories as we all learn to cope with the new normal. The best part – she said yes!

Faith, a resident of Heritage Manor Nursing Home at CHCC, successfully fought COVID-19 in 2020. After her recovery, her family provided “Keep the Faith” shirts for members of the team at CHCC that helped care for her. The entire Heritage Manor Nursing Home team was so excited for Faith to get to witness her granddaughter’s engagement this year.

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