Group therapy provides powerful benefits at Christian Health Care Counseling Center

“Josh is glued to his phone,” Janice shares with other members of the Parents of Adolescents group at Christian Health Care Counseling Center (CHCCC). “And when he isn’t attached to his phone, he’s playing videogames. I have to admit that I don’t truly understand technology, and that worries me. I don’t know if he’s safe. Being in this group makes me realize that there are other parents in the same boat. Their feedback helps me tremendously.”

The Parents of Adolescents group is one of 13 therapy groups offered at CHCCC (see full list below). Group therapy is a formal type of mental-health treatment that brings together people with similar conditions, concerns, or issues under the guidance of a trained mental-health professional. Groups are structured and topic-driven.

“Group therapy can be very powerful,” says Bart Mongiello, LCSW, CHCCC Director. “Sitting with others who have similar issues and receiving new ideas can be so beneficial to participants.

It can be a relief to hear others discuss what they are going through so you realize you are not  alone. Members are equally empowered to be part of the conversation and ultimately part of

each person’s recovery.”

The different personalities and backgrounds of group participants allow members to get a range of perspectives on their individual situations. Groups are motivating and they teach  members about themselves.

“You get to see yourself though the eyes of the other group members,” Mr. Mongiello says. “You uncover blind spots that may be blocking your ability to overcome your issues.”

The groups at CHCCC were developed due to a clinical need or clients’ request.

“Clients ask for certain topics, or clinicians recognize that patients with similar issues might benefit from working together in a group,” Mr. Mongiello says. “It’s important to note that an individual does not have to be in another form of treatment in order to join a group.”

Usually six to eight clients attend each one-hour group. All but one group is open and ongoing, meaning that a new client can join at any time.

“We welcome new members,” Mr. Mongiello says. “It’s what keeps our groups going strong.”

Christian Health Care Counseling Center Group Therapy
Registration is required. Call (201) 848-5800.

Life Skills for Disabled Adults – 4 p.m.
Phase of Life for Men Ages 50 to 75 – 5 p.m.
Social Skills for Children Ages 9 and 10 – 6 p.m.
Adult Psychotherapy – 7:30 p.m.
Creative Arts for Individuals Ages 17 to 26 with Mood/Bi-polar Disorders – 7 p.m. every other Monday
Psychotherapy Life Skills for Adults Ages 21 to 30 – 6 p.m.

Life Skills for Developmentally Disabled Adults – 10 a.m.

Adult Psychotherapy – 1 p.m.
Parents of Adolescents – 7 p.m. every other Wednesday

Life Skills for Developmentally Disabled Adults – 4:30 and 5 p.m.
Social Skills Group for Developmentally Disabled Adults – 1 p.m.

Phase of Life for Women Ages 45 and Older – 10 a.m.
Love Hunger for Individuals with Eating Disorders – Noon

 For more information about joining group therapy at Christian Health Care Counseling Center, call Karen Hockstein at (201) 848-4463 or email


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