Christian Health Care Center Celebrates Earth Day as a “Green Wyckoff Business”

As we recognize Earth Day, which was founded in 1970 following a dreadful oil spill in Santa Barbara, CA, Christian Health Care Center (CHCC) in Wyckoff has more reason to celebrate Earth Day this year. CHCC was recently approved as a Green Wyckoff Business by the Wyckoff Environmental Commission and Wyckoff Chamber of Commerce.

“The Green Wyckoff Business program showcases Wyckoff Chamber of Commerce members who are not just ‘talking the talk’ on sustainability initiatives like energy efficiency, resource conservation, and recycling, but are also ‘walking the walk,’ said Harriet Shugarman, Chair, Wyckoff Environmental Commission. “We congratulate Christian Health Care Center for its efforts to ‘go green’ and serve as an example for our community.”

“CHCC has embraced green practices for decades and continues to look for ways to be environmentally conscious,” said Julie Lee, CHCC Senior Vice President of Community Development and Marketing Services, who accepted the Wyckoff Green Business Program certificate at a recent Wyckoff Chamber of Commerce meeting.

One of CHCC’s major initiatives to conserve energy grew out of a great opportunity to enroll in PSE&G’s Hospital Efficiency Program. PSE&G hired an engineering firm, and with CHCC’s guidance, they essentially examined everything on the entire CHCC campus that uses power and affects our more than 100-year-old infrastructure, including lighting, televisions, refrigerators, motors, and the HVAC system. They also examined insulation and windows in all the buildings. After an extensive analysis, the firm identified all the equipment that could be more efficient. The report summarized the Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) that were identified, along with the associated energy and cost savings for each measure. PSE&G funding will enable CHCC to replace equipment that is not energy efficient.

In addition, Facilities Development and Plant Operations replaced older lighting with energy-efficient bulbs, upgraded insulation, replaced electric hot-water systems with gas systems, replaced black roofing materials with white roofing, and installed higher efficiency windows, just to name a few projects. When CHCC opened its Heritage Manor East Nursing Home Great Room six years ago, it was an inspiring example of CHCC’s commitment to environmental stewardship. The addition is composed of about 90-percent environmentally responsible materials. All fabrics are “green” fabrics that were either made from recycled content of by a process that doesn’t produce any emissions. All wood is genuine wood, not fiber board or particle board, and finishes have minimal impact on the environment. Equipment is Energy-Star-rated. Lighting is compact

fluorescent. Carpeting is 100-percent recycled, and wall coverings have lead-free ink.

In 2006, CHCC partnered with Carrier to install a micro-turbine absorption

chiller plant for heating and cooling needs. This system uses natural gas to power

turbines which create electricity, that is fed into our electrical systems. Exhaust is captured in ductwork instead of being released into the atmosphere. This exhaust is then piped into an absorption chiller which uses the exhaust to either heat or cool water for the upper-campus HVAC systems.

CHCC also partners with Bergen County Community Development by participating in the annual HUD Block Grant program which funds new construction and equipment replacement to newer and energy efficient models. CHCC has utilized Block Grant funding to install energy-efficient windows, air-conditioning units, boilers, and solar pre-heat water systems for those CHCC residents who fall within the Bergen County median-income levels.

CHCC has always encouraged staff and volunteers to embrace measures to be green, such as using e-communications rather than waste paper and utilize recycling receptacles around campus.

“While we celebrate Earth Day this year and ever year, CHCC strives to take measure to be green all year around. Earth Day gives everyone the opportunity to reflect on ways that we can all make a difference at work and at home and be responsible stewards of the earth and the resources that God has blessed us with and to use wisely,” said Douglas A. Struyk, CPA, LNHA, CHCC President and CEO.


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