Bolger Rehab Gym & Wellness Center

Inpatient and outpatient physical, occupational, and speech therapy at the Bolger Rehab Gym & Wellness Center.

When an illness, injury, or surgery has you sidelined, CHCC can help you return to wellness and get back to the life you enjoy. Post-acute care—better known as short-term rehab—is care that is received after a hospitalization, with the goal of regaining strength and transitioning back home as healthy as you were before—or better.

Our highly skilled, interdisciplinary team of professionals is dedicated to your successful recovery and uses state-of-the-art, innovative approaches to help you achieve the best outcome.

You may benefit from short-term rehabilitation after being hospitalized for:

  • joint-replacement surgery;
  • heart surgery;
  • complex medical conditions, such as diabetes or renal failure; or
  • illnesses, such as cardiac disease, gastrointestinal illnesses, renal disease or pneumonia.

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