CHCC takes extraordinary precautionary measures in providing care for the most fragile and at-risk population. Over the past few weeks, we have implemented ALL New Jersey Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control guidelines and recommendations pertaining to COVID-19. In addition, we have been going above and beyond to take more aggressive measures to protect all of our residents, patients, clients, consumers, and staff.

As we have ALWAYS done during typical workdays and in unusual times of infections and other outbreaks, we exercise trained caution and care for those around us and for ourselves to maintain proper safety levels.

We are working closely with local acute-care partners and health officials to reduce risks associated with COVID-19 cases. We are committed to maintaining strong and proactive measures to keep everyone on our campuses and the community safe and protected. We always have, and we always will. Thank you for your support and trust.


Only individuals visiting a loved one who is on end-of-life (hospice) care will be permitted upon symptom and risk-exposure clearance.

Click here to read more about visitation at CHCC’s independent living communities: Evergreen Court, Siena Village, and Summer Hill.

All outpatient short-term rehab is suspended at this time.

Christian Health Care Counseling Center and Ramapo Ridge Partial-hospitalization Program have switched to a telehealth virtual-counseling platform for all appointments. Both programs are temporarily closed for all in-person appointments and group sessions. To make a new appointment, please call (201) 848-5500.

Christian Health Care Adult Day Services of Wayne and Wyckoff remain closed until further notice.

What We’re Doing

Patients, Residents, Clients, Consumers, and Staff
– Communicating frequently to all patients, residents, clients, and consumers
– Restricting all visitors with the exception of end-of-life (hospice) care
– Maintaining staffing levels across our continuum of care
– Scheduling skype and FaceTime virtual visits with loved ones
– Recommending cancellation of all non-essential external appointments and visits for residents and patients
– Rescheduling appointments for outpatient clients with symptoms and exposure risks
– Limiting building access to monitored entry points for screening
– Screening all staff daily for symptoms and exposure risks as per state regulations
– Restricting all non-essential activities, group events, gatherings, and meetings
– Closing Christian Health Care Adult Day Services of Wayne and Wyckoff
– Switching to telehealth virtual-therapy for outpatient clients
– Implementing CHCC’s pre-established infection control plan
– Enhancing cleaning and disinfection protocols campus-wide
– Re-educating and providing additional training for all staff to adhere to social distancing
– Safeguarding protecting health information of our patients, residents, and clients to uphold HIPAA privacy and security standards
– Restricting volunteers
– Working closely with CHCC’s Employee Health team to monitor and address staff wellness
– Vigilantly reviewing and implementing new guidelines from New Jersey Department of Health, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and CDC to  follow all recommended protocols

Resident and Patient Families and Sponsors
– Supporting virtual visits via Skype or FaceTime.
– Communicating frequently via phone, email, and print mail depending on program
– Posting regular updates and resources on CHCC’s website and social media
– Updating an information line daily for families to call, (201) 848-4400

Supply Chain Management
– Diligently working to maintain personal protective equipment and supplies and being good stewards of the supplies we have on hand

Our Community
– Restricting visitation
– Closing Christian Health Care Adult Day Services of Wayne and Wyckoff
– Establishing telehealth virtual-therapy for existing and new mental health clients
– Promoting appropriate social distancing and other CDC recommendations
– Cancellation and restriction of large group events and activities

How You Can Help

Here are a couple of ways that you can help keep members of your community – especially older adults – safe and healthy.

  • Respect visitation restrictions at long-term care facilities, assisted-living, and independent senior residences. Senior-care centers and residences are working hard to abide by New Jersey Department of Health and CDC guidelines to keep everyone safe and we need your support to do so.
  • Use digital technology to virtually visit with older loved ones, neighbors, or other members of your community who may need to hear a friendly voice.
  • Make smart choices. Practice social distancing, stay home when possible, adhere to county and state officials’ new ordinances, and be vigilant about hand hygiene and self monitoring for signs of fever, cough, and shortness of breath. For more tips about to prevent illness and keep your community safe, visit

Phone Numbers and Resources

CHCC’s dedicated COVID-19 information line: (201) 848-4400

New Jersey Department of Health free 24-hour hotline: (1-800) 222-1222

Tips for Coping with the Emotional Impact of Public Health Emergencies

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Website

**In keeping with all health-care facility regulations, Christian Health Care Center is committed to safeguarding protected health information (PHI) and does not violate resident/patient HIPAA privacy and security standards. PHI is only shared with authorized individuals for the purpose of optimal treatment and care.

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