William Carnemolla: A sign of appreciation

Bill Carnemolla

Bill Carnemolla

Gratitude and loyalty.

Those two traits are at the core of William Carnemolla. For the past several decades, the Little Falls resident has been a steadfast donor to Christian Health Care Center (CHCC). His son William Carnemolla Jr. – “Billy” – lived at CHCC’s Heritage Manor Nursing Home for 35 years.

“Although Billy died in 2012, I continue to donate as much as I can because I am so grateful for Christian Health Care Center,” Mr. Carnemolla says.

When Billy was 17, he was critically injured in an automobile accident. Despite two years in hospitals and rehabilitation, Billy remained semicomatose. When he was ready for long-term care, Mr. Carnemolla’s friends pointed him to CHCC.

“I owned a gas station across the street from what was Paterson General Hospital,” Mr. Carnemolla says. “Peter Carras, MD, and Theresa Bushman, RN, were customers of mine and were connected with both Paterson General and CHCC. They were instrumental in bringing Billy to the Center.”

Billy became a CHCC resident in 1977. Seventeen years later, Mr. Carnemolla ran into a familiar face from Billy’s childhood – Douglas A. Struyk, who had become the Center’s new President and CEO.

“Doug was a neighbor of ours when we lived in Wayne. Doug and Billy were in the same Boy Scout troop. Doug is doing such a terrific job as the Center’s President,” Mr. Carnemolla says.

“During Billy’s years here, I always remembered him as a fellow Scout. What scouting taught me helps me in my role as President and CEO – to be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent,” Mr. Struyk says. “I was also reminded about how much his parents and sister loved him through faithful visits and devotion to his needs, along with the compassionate support of his caregivers. We saw God’s love very much alive and healthy in the Carnemolla family.”

Mr. Carnemolla’s long association with CHCC has provided him the opportunity to witness first-hand the organization’s growth and positive impact on the community.

“I’ve seen so many changes here, and they are all fabulous,” he says. “The Center is wonderful. From 1977 to 2012, the Center gave Billy a home and an extended family. To me, that is priceless.”

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