Mark Reitsma: Deeply dedicated to service


Mark Reitsma on a mission trip in the Philippines

Mark Reitsma on a mission trip in the Philippines

Mark Reitsma is dedicated to making a difference locally and globally.

“As a Christian, I’m a firm believer in what the Bible teaches about tithing. My career has not only afforded me the opportunity to tithe my income, but has also given me the flexibility to tithe of my time as well. In addition to my church, Covenant Christian Reformed Church in North Haledon, I’ve chosen to invest my time in four organizations that are near and dear to my heart in some way. One of those organizations is Christian Health Care Center (CHCC).”

Mr. Reitsma, a Certified Financial Planner Practitioner who is a partner in Regency Wealth Management LLC in Ramsey, was elected to the CHCC Board of Trustees 13 years ago. He was honored to be asked to serve an organization that has impacted his family for decades and that fulfills community need.

“The Center is such a big part of my family history. My grandfather worked in the Maintenance Department when he emigrated from the Netherlands in the 1950s, and my grandmother worked in the kitchen for more than 30 years,” the North Haledon resident says. “They believed in the Center’s mission, and I am privileged to be a part of the mission today. Providing quality health care for seniors and those struggling with mental illness is such an important service in our society. I can’t think of a better place to care for someone in need than an organization that sees itself as the hands of Christ.”

In addition to CHCC, Mr. Reitsma is also deeply committed to Eastern Christian School Association, New Canaan Society, and New York City Relief.

“My wife, parents, father-in-law, and I attended Eastern Christian Schools and now my four children are attending. Therefore, I have a vested interest in the school’s success. I also have a vested interest in the New Canaan Society, which is a group of men that encourages one another in faith and friendship as we seek to be better husbands, fathers, and community members,” Mr. Reitsma says. “Through New Canaan, I was introduced to New York City Relief, which seeks to connect the poor, oppressed, and addicted with a path toward help and hope. The Relief Bus is a converted school bus that is equipped with a food service unit and a counseling/referral office. I really felt a calling to get involved with an organization that does something for the ‘least of these’ in our society. It’s easy to feel insulated in the suburbs from what’s going on in the inner cities. This was a great opportunity to get involved with a ministry that is making an amazing impact with the poor and homeless of New York and New Jersey.”

Mr. Reitsma also helped the “least of these” through a mission trip to the Philippines in 2014. He hopes to take his daughter on a planned trip in 2016.

“Mission trips are an amazing experience and a wonderful blessing,” Mr. Reitsma says. “We have no concept of the extreme depth of poverty that exists outside the affluent suburbs of North Jersey. When you experience it for the first time, it brings you to your knees and reduces you to tears.”

Mr. Reitsma considers his service on the CHCC Board of Trustees to be a blessing as well.

“Christian Health Care Center has such a great track record of excellence, innovation, and growth. I greatly enjoy witnessing the overall direction that the Center is taking and providing guidance to an amazing senior-management team,” he says. “The organization is blessed so richly with talented people, from volunteers to employees. I look forward to what God has in store for this institution over time.”

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