Every day is Mother’s day at Christian Health Care Center!


Christian Health Care Center keeps caring in the family. From the Center’s early days, generations of family members have been found working, living, and/or volunteering here.

Thirty-two-year CHCC veteran Nancy Maphis, Long-term Care Admissions Coordinator, is looking forward to celebrating Mother’s Day with her twin sons, Troy and Kevin, all residents of Hawthorne. Troy is currently employed at CHCC as Information Services Application Specialist, and Kevin was formerly employed in Food and Nutrition Services.

Reflecting on what motherhood means to her, Ms. Maphis said the key is patience, love, and understanding. It is knowing when to guide, and when to let go and let them be. It is also about being a teacher, but also being a student because she said they learn from her, but she learns from them, too.

“I want my sons to be strong individuals with morals and values who respect life and their elders, and know right from wrong,” said Ms. Maphis. “I believe our work experience at CHCC, caring for the elderly every day, has given all of us even greater respect and empathy for them. I also want my sons to be whatever they want to be, not what I think they should be. I want them to experience life and live each day to the fullest. I want them to see the beauty in life, and in their own way, help to make the world a better place.”

I’d be nothing without my mom,” said Kevin Maphis. “She is my rock, my guide, and my greatest ally.”

Twin brother Troy Maphis concurs. “She is, most assuredly, the most selfless, loving, and influential person I have and will ever meet in my lifetime. She’s always been there for anyone who needs her, regardless of any inconvenience it may cause her. She provides stability, caring, and understanding to those who call upon her. I just want her to know that in 100 lifetimes, I could never possibly hope to return to her a fraction of the love and dedication she shows to everyone around her.”

John Browne, Residential Services Vice President, shares similar sentiments about his mother, Irene, who lives at Evergreeen Court, CHCC’s supportive-housing complex for independent seniors.

“Through my mother’s example, I learned how to live my life treating others with respect and dignity. She was, and still is, my role model for finding value in everyone I meet and for finding the good in people. Her love is limitless, and her appreciation of so many different aspects of life is vast. She taught me life’s valuable lesions and instilled values in me for which I am thankful. And I am so pleased that she lives at Evergreen Court. I know first-hand the quality of care that is provided at Christian Health Care Center, and I wouldn’t want her anywhere else,” Mr. Browne said.

“My happiest memory is when our son was born, strong and healthy,” reflected Mrs. Browne. “John was always a content child, a serious-minded teenager, and a joy to us as an adult. I was so proud of John as he grew, and that has never changed to this day.”

Christian Health Care Center extends warm wishes to all mothers for Mother’s Day!

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