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Senior Life

“Everyone at the Center is so compassionate. No matter where I walk with my mother, everyone knows her name. I find that so amazing. I honestly feel that the people who work at the Center were called to work there. The staff treats every resident with such respect, no matter what stage of illness the person is in. I’ve never seen any aide be curt or short with a resident, or ignore a resident.”

—Jacqueline Biegel, whose mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease

Mental Health

“I’ve become an advocate for mental health. I tell everyone about the excellent care I received at Ramapo Ridge Psychiatric Hospital. The spiritual aspect of my treatment proved essential to my healing process. I believe in myself now. I’m so thankful that the staff was able to help me get better. Now, I want to use my experiences to help others suffering from mental illness.”

—Laura Brunetti, former patient, current mental health advocate and donor

Short-term Rehab

“I chose The David F. Bolger Post-acute Care Unit at Christian Health Care Center because I knew I would receive excellent care. As a nurse, I have been the person who assists others. It is a bit difficult to be on the receiving end of care! However, the PACU staff is remarkable. The comfort and care of patients are their priorities. And having a full-time Medical Director means that routine issues, as well as medical emergencies, are addressed promptly. I was always put at ease.”

—Barbara Sayah, PACU patient and CHCC employee


“Although [my son] died last year, I continue to donate as much as I can because I am so grateful for Christian Health Care Center. I’ve seen so many changes here, and they are all fabulous. The Center is wonderful. From 1977 to 2012, the Center gave Billy a home and an extended family. To me, that is priceless.”

—William Carnemolla  (Mr. Carnemolla’s son was critically injured in an automobile accident at the age of 17 and lived at Heritage Manor Nursing Home for 35 years before his death in 2012.)

“[My wife] Diana and I donate to Christian Health Care Center because we believe in its mission and have witnessed first-hand how our contributions have enhanced the lives of the Center’s residents, patients, clients, and consumers. We encourage others to tour the facility and see the wonderful care given by the staff. Without question, the passion and commitment of employees shines through.”

—Ellsworth Whiteman, Foundation trustee


“All the clients and staff are so open and friendly. I’m volunteering, yet I receive so much more than I give. The clients have such a wide range of background and history. Talking with them and sharing their memories is priceless. And they’re so appreciative fo something as simple as a smile. It’s fantastic.”

—Paula Coyne, volunteer

“I’ve formed relationships with the seniors. They know about me and my family, and I konw about them and their families. I learn so much from them about good family values. For as much as I’m doing for these seniors, they are doing for me. This is very good for my spiritual growth. I feel it is a blessing.”

—Olimpia Rubino, volunteer

“I enjoy being with the residents. You become like a family member to them.”

—Pat Burwitz, volunteer

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